Underground Zone – Still Celebrating 12th year anniversary of – Immortal Technique _ Revolutionary Vol. 1

Revolutionary Vol. 1

Released September 14, 2001

Recorded – 2000-2001
Genre – Hip hop
Underground hip hop
Political hip hop
Hard -core hip hop
Length – 57:58
Label – Viper Records
Producer – Immortal Technique, Rheturik, 44 Caliber, SouthPaw, Akir, Jean Grae

Immortal Technique chronology

Revolutionary Vol. 1
(2001)Revolutionary Vol. 2
Professional ratings
Review scores
Rap Reviews(8/10)[2]

Revolutionary Vol. 1 is the debut album by rapper Immortal Technique, released on September 14, 2001, and re-pressed in 2004. The first edition had no distribution and no bar code; it was sold by the artist on the streets and at his shows. The album re-press was manufactured with a bar code and is being distributed worldwide by Viper Records. Immortal Technique claimed in an interview to have sold more than 45,000 copies.[3]

Song writing

The album is best known for the song “Dance with the Devil”, a narrative in which Immortal Technique describes the story of a young man named Billy Jacobs who attempts to join a gang, and in order to prove how “real” he is, he steals, gets into fights, sells crack cocaine, and to finally prove himself, rapes a woman. An intoxicated Jacobs completes this task after covering the woman’s face with her shirt, and is unaware of the identity of the woman until he takes the cover from her face. He is repulsed to find that the woman in question is actually his mother, which leads him to commit suicide. “I made myself more of a part of it when I wrote the song, and it eventually became an urban legend, and what’s sick is that people thought it was about rape [when] it was really about how we are killing ourselves and destroying the most valuable resource that the Latino/Black community has: our women.”[4] The song has acquired something of a cult hit status in recent years.

Additionally, the album contains a song entitled “No Me Importa” (Spanish for “I Don’t Care”). This is notably Immortal Technique’s first song in Spanish, as he was born and spent a small portion of his childhood in Peru and learned to speak the language.

Track listing

#Title Featured guest(s) Producer Length

1″Creation & Destruction”Marley Marl, J-Force3:09
2″Dominant Species”Rheturik3:47
3″Positive Balance”Big Zoo44 Caliber3:17
4″The Getaway”SouthPaw and Akir2:41
5″Beef & Broccoli”Jean Grae2:05
6″No Me Importa”44 Caliber3:56
7″Top of the Food Chain (Remix)”Poison PenStelf Index3:22
8″The Poverty of Philosophy”SouthPaw6:13
9″Revolutionary”Jean Grae5:10
10″Spend Some Time (Remix)” (Interlude)G. Bennet0:57
11″Dance with the Devil” / Hidden TrackDiabolic44 Caliber9:39
12″The Prophecy”44 Caliber3:15
13″Understand Why” (Interlude)A. Cohen0:46
14″No Mercy”44 Caliber3:27
15″The Illest”Jean Grae & Pumpkinhead44 Caliber3:33
16″Speak Your Mind” (Hidden Track)Immortal Technique2:33
17″Caught in a Hustle” (iTunes Bonus Track)SouthPaw3:44


“Creation & Destruction” samples the song Long Kiss Goodnight from the album Life After Death by The Notorious B.I.G.

“Dance with the Devil” samples Survival of the Fittest by Mobb Deep and Love Story by Henry Mancini.

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  1. Sweet publish then again I have got single concern : death metal is not properly speaking heavy metal as you look on bands and artists love Immortal, Sewer and/or Darkthrone it can be more like rock and roll regards

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