Saturday Night Focus – Focus On The Mighty Pharoahe Monch_Top 10 Songs

As both a fan of P.Monch and an addict of good hip hop music,the list I’ve compiled is of my own personal opinion and admiration to the man’s work.

What’s your list?

10.” No mercy ” ft M.O.P

Taken from his debute solo album Internal Affairs a song produced by The Alchemist.


9. ” Let’s go ” ft MeLa Machinko

the second single from Pharoahe Monch’s 2007 album Desire (Pharoahe Monch album). It was released on September 15, 2006 by SRC Records as a 12″ vinyl with a double A-Side. It features singing by MeLa Machinko, a fast-paced guitar-led beat produced by Black Milk, scratches provided by Boogie Blind, and two verses rapped by Pharoahe Monch.


8.” Let My People Go ”

Taken from his 3rd solo album W.A.R, he stated on an interview : On the first part of the first verse I do a lot of sampling from my own stuff. I talk about that in “Evolve.” The first part of “Evolve” is from a song I did with De La [Soul] called “Ghost Weed,” and I revitalized it because talk about time traveling on some parts of the album. The first part of “Let My People Go” is from a song, some obscure song


7. ” The Light ”

My Favorite track on his solo debut album Internal Affairs, with lyrics like this,
“It was like the earth twisted around her
She shifted the ground I was like, “Ohhhhh..
She’s off the hook, I would dress her decently
But look her body is immaculate I’m attackin it
from all positions
Of thinkin inside my mind-ah
Hopefully it won’t be too inappropriate if I walk
over there and say,
“Excuse me, can I have your number please?
I’ll get on my knees if I have to”
She’ll laugh through, the whole episode
Just then I knew I had her locked (down)
No cock-blocking please this one’s mine (uh)
Dimepiece and shit son, shorty was fine
Every line of mine was like a rhyme I wouldn’t lie I
Sparklin the whole time as I whispered in her ear”


6.” Broken Heart ”

Not sure whether this is the jump-off for a new album or just a stand-alone single, but either way Pharoahe’s new Mr. Porter-produced joint has been on repeat since it leaked. For my money’s worth, Monchichi does the love- lorn break-up thing as well as anyone in hip-hop, navigating the complex emotions of jealousy, anger and regret in just over three minutes and still finding time to call his ex-girl’s new man a bitch. That said, this is what you get for dating a girl who rocks 2Pac posters on her walls.

5. ” Desire ” ft Showtyme

The tittle song of his 2nd Album Desire,this is 1 of the most complex and energetic songs by the golden age rapper

4 ” Fuck You”

Also on the critically acclaimed album Desire and also on the Training Day soundtrack. Real hip hop heads respect the Mighty PHaroahe just for this song alone.

“Basically I’m the worst nightmare you ever had
Figure a trigger happy nigga with a badge
Parading around Los Angeles
High off coke with a banana clip
Feasting off the weak street evangelists
With a manuscript in professional ass-whipping
Task force, brass knuckles, a master in ass-kicking
If you ask for it, I blast for it, you’re back flipping
No one saw it, I won’t stop, the clock’s ticking
Got a rookie for a partner that’s ready to fight
The world’s a merry-go-round, I stereotype niggas
He’s a spit in the face for pitbull or bite niggas
Matter of fact, kinda like this cat for a white nigga ”

3. ” In The Zone ”
Taken from Saints Row
The Third Soundtrack,one my favorite fun songs just vibe to.

2 “Clap” (one day) ft Showtyme

Taken from his 3rd album W.A.R one of the most powerful songs ever recorded with the most complex rhyming in the biz.

1 ” Simon Says ”

Well there’s nothing else to say about this record than Legendary. Taken from his debut album Internal Affairs this is the song that personifies his greatness.

Red Everything Movement


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