Friday Showdown – Who Better? Pharoahe Monch Vs Immortal Technique

Pharoahe Monch vs Immortal Technique

FreeSpeech wrote:

Monch, I can’t stand IT’s voice or his off delivery. Monch has better beats and production too, and he has far better song content.

MalikKillzzIt wrote:

Can’t stand his voice or delivery? Hello, this is hip hop. Your gay opinion made me realize that you listen to fags like Drake and Lil’ Wayne, not your “Who I’m Listening To” list.. You just don’t get his music dude. A mainstream-trash-listener like you shouldn’t even be allowed to vote or comment here lol

FreeSpeech wrote:

Haha I 100% get his music, he’s a pretentious idiot. My sig was what I was listening to the day I made it, not my favorites. For example, Pink Friday was rediculously wack, I couldn’t finish it. IT has an awful voice, his delivery is often off beat, I’ve listened to pretty much his whole discography.

MalikKillzzIt wrote:

I guess Rakim, Pharoahe Monch, and Mos Def are all mainstream trash? They just as easily could have been in my sig, had they been what I had been listening to that day/week.

FreeSpeech wrote:

Have you even listened to Monch?

MalikKillzzIt wrote:

How smart, you’re using the word “pretentious” to describe every rapper that’s better than anyone in your top ten. Get a dictionary and search for new words, you’re as played out as Soulja’s rhymes.. Wait you might actually dig his music too O.o How the hell are Lupe and Technique “pretentious” when they don’t even claim to be the best like that faggot Wayne does? They just leave it to the fanbase to decide that and some of us who aren’t dumb (doesn’t include you) actually know that they’re good. All you see in a hip hop song is a catchy beat, whatever.. There are too many losers with illogical opinions on this forum, a disgrace to Eminem indeed. No wonder my friend’s brainwashed too.. Pharaohe Monch is awesome, but the friend I was talking about claims that Immortal Technique has “a couple of *GOOD* songs” whereas every track he made was a classic, I guessed he was talking about “Dance with the Devil” and “You Never Know” cause he lacks knowledge in the social area just like most of you do, thus he didn’t understand shit and was lost as fuck listening to the other songs. It’s all cause of these users who are too pussy to realize the truth he spits.

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