Mzansi Wednesdayz – Artist Review – Pro (Prokid)

Linda Mkhize, also known as ‘Pro and ProKid, was born 25 June 1981 in Diepkloof, Soweto. He is a Hip Hop artist who was signed to the Gallo Record Company after his independently released track ‘Soweto’ gained popularity.

Early career

Pro has fronted for the Soweto rap group in the past, but does not currently.

His rap songs include a significant amount of swag. He is also said to believe that rhyming should not be language based, that the delivery should be what matters as shown by the following quote.

“For me rhyming goes beyond choosing a language I feel comfortable with. There are things you can loose when using vernacular yet there are things that sound right when using African languages”
—- Linda Mkhize

Pro has worked with various producers and rappers, including Dplanet, Amu, Nyambz, Dibanto, Omen, Draztik and Dome. In 2007 Pro travelled to the Netherlands to record with Tripple & Touch, where he performed at many clubs in Amsterdam and performed with P. Diddy. He has also performed as an opening act for HipHop, Busta Rhymes, and 50 Cent. In 2006 he co-presented SABC1’s dance show, Jika Ma Jika.

Pro is currently signed to T.S records even though the is speculation that he might sign with M.F.E which he owns. Flipside, a rap group which his brother is acquainted to, and Red Button, his protégé, are currently some of the artists signed to the stable. He released a new single titled “20past10” which coincided with the single by his protégé named “SHIKISHA”.

He has collected numerous awards and nominations, with the HYPE awards being the most accolades he has collected throughout his career. His appeal to the entertainment industry has been limited due to his persona, which is highly influenced by his background and society around him. He has stayed loyal to his hometown always mentioning Soweto, Jabulani, Diepkloof and Klipspruit in his music. He also matriculated from Johannesburg Secondary School.


Heads and Tales was released by Gallo Record Company in May 2005

Imbizo Street Mixtape Vol. 1 was released by In Da Bag Entertainment in September 2005

DNA was released by Gallo Record Company/ In Da Bag Entertainment in November 2006

Dankie San was released by TS Records on 1 November 2007

Snakes & Ladders, a future release, was produced by TS Records

Red Everything Movement


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