Who better ? Nas vs Black Thought

Would you have been interested in a Nas and Black thought battle? Or are you glad the two settled their differences? Let us know in the comments!

While Black Thought is known as one of the most fearsome MCs, the Roots spitter has done what most rappers could not— he’s gone through his career avoiding rap beef.

But there was one time when a disagreement with Nas almost escalated into something bigger.

Thought explained.
The two rap greats have long-buried the hatchet, but at the time, the usually low-key Roots star was prepared to take things to the next level if need be. “I was ready for whatever. Yeah, I was gonna take Nas that night. When I heard he was gonna be there, I was like, “Should I just slap the sh– outta Nas,” he remembered questioning .”But before any of that, he defused it, on some real, bigger man sh–.”

During a recent interview on the Combat Jack Show, Black Thought from The Roots recalled having a brief disagreement of sorts with Nas,after the Queensbridge rapper dissed him and his group during an interview.

Thought explained how the “beef” never manifested into anything serious because Nas said it during a time when he had just lost his mother. “In some interview he made a comment about how wack it was for us to do the movie Bamboozled with Spike Lee and ‘How you gonna call yourself The Roots and Black Thought or something and you’re portraying a group called The Alabama Porch Monkeys in Spike Lee’s movie with the ball and chain and all.’ Nas was spazzing out on a lot of people during that point in time because he was losing his mom.

He had actual beef during that time and this was just a comment he made about The Roots.”I hadn’t really interacted with him at all up until that point. And then there was a show one night with Talib Kweli and I think he invited Nas, and he invited me. And we were all there in the building together. I had a chance to meet Nas and he explained to me that it wasn’t coming from a personal place and he basically apologized. He told me he was going through it. He lost his mom. I totally relate to that, I lost my mom when I was 17. She’s a murder victim. Both my parents are murder victims, got killed in Philly.”

Source: hiphopblog.com

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