Red alert ! Trinidad James announces a new mixtape

Trinidad James announces a new mixtape is

on the way, “10 Piece Mild.”
Trinidad James’ debut mixtape Don’t Be S.A.F.E
produced the Atlanta rapper’s huge break-out
single “All Gold Everything,” which led to a record
deal with Def Jam. Now that Trinidad James has
major label backing, he’s coming through with a
new mixtape effort, called 10 Piece Mild.
The rapper announced the news while talking to
MissInfo for Hot 97. During their interview he also
revealed some of the producers and features he’s
rounded up for 10 Piece Mild.
“I got a new project ready to come out, it’s
called 10 Piece Mild, which is my favorite thing
to order in Atlanta from the wing spot called
American Deli,” Trinidad reveals.
Trinidad says the project will include 10 tracks,
with production from Travi$ Scott, Childish Major,
and Young Chop.
“To me it’s different ’cause the beat selection is
better. I got some Chop on there, I got my
engineer Jay Patron on there… Travi$ Scott,
Childish Major,” Trinidad said on whether or not
it’s different from his debut.

Red Everything Movement


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