Mzansi Wednesdayz – The Underground King – Garlic Brown

Garlic Brown,

a.k.a Knoffel Bruin a.k.a. Vulgar Toungue, is a veteran emcee from Cape Town, South Africa. Beginning his career as Judah with Brasse Vannie Kaap, one of SA’s biggest rap groups, Garlic Brown has made a name for himself rapping alongside some of the country’s greats, including Isaac Mutant, Jack Parow, and Die Antwoord.

Garlic is also a member of the Cape Flats hip-hop collective, The League Of Shadows, aka The Dark Lordz, is a hip-hop collective based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Members include emcees Garlic Brown (aka Knoffelbruin), Sammy Sparks (aka Fungus The Mutated Lung), Gambeno, Apollo Dark and Merciless Midus.

Garlic Brown assembled his first beat by using two cassette players to build sounds together off of tape breaks and instrumentals. He then delved deeper into music when his brother DJ Divewire taught him how to connect and sequence MIDI devices, record on a Fostex 4 track and bought GB his first synthesizer, the classic Ensoniq ESQ-1. GB has experimented with many genres and utilized different monikers throughout his career. He has remained an underground force in the local scene. Garlic is an extraordinary team player and assists in helping and mentoring others in their dreams with the technical knowledge that he commands.

Red Everything Movement


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