Hip Hop Ladies Night – The Icons – Conscious Daughters

The Conscious Daughters

Background information

Origin – East Oakland, California, United States
Genres – Hip hop
Years active – 1992–2011
Labels – Scarface Records/Priority, Guerilla Funk Records/EMI Llerrad Music Group
Associated acts – Paris, Public Enemy, Thug Life


Past membersCarla “CMG” Green
Karryl “Special One” Smith
The Conscious Daughters (TCD) was an American female rap duo from the Bay Area, California, United States, consisting of Carla “CMG” Green and the late Karryl “Special One” Smith. The duo signed in 1993 to Paris’s record label, Scarface Records, after passing him a demo tape at a club. He released their first studio album, Ear to the Street.[1]

The single and video release of their 1994 hit single, Somethin’ to Ride To (Fonky Expedition), helped TCD gain national recognition. Soon after, they were signed by Priority/EMI Records and released their second album, Gamers. Many collaborations, projects and television appearances followed, most notably Rap City, MTV Jams, and Soul Train.[2]

In 2007, Nas released the track Where Are They Now (West Coast Remix) which featured Breeze, Kam, King Tee, Candyman, Threat, Ice-T, Sir Mix-A-Lot and TCD.[3]

Their third album, The Nutcracker Suite,[4] was released on Guerilla Funk Records on February 10, 2009. In 2010, TCD severed their relationship with Guerrilla Funk Records, and in 2011 they signed a distribution deal with Phaseone/Sony.

On December 10, 2011, Smith was found dead at her home. Initially, the cause of death was unknown, but it was eventually determined to be from complications associated with blood clots that reached her lungs.[2][5][6][7][8]



1993: Ear to the Street
1996: Gamers
2009: The Nutcracker Suite
2011: The Jane of All Trades (CMG)
“Somethin’ to Ride To (Fonky Expedition)”
“We Roll Deep”
“Sticky Situation”

Red Everything Movement


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