Mzansi Wednesdayz – Focus On_Motswako pt2

No 5. Baphixile

Profile – South Africa rap duo
Origin – Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa
Members – Prof and Blax Myth

No 4. Crowded Crew

No 3.Hhp/Jabbaman

Background Info

Hip Hop Pantsula is a popular
South African Motswako rapper

Real Name – Jabulani Tsambo
Origin – Mmabato

who frequently
performs in ethnic languages,
though mostly Setswana.

Raised in Mmabatho, HHP’s break
came in 1997 when he and his
school friends met with
renowned producer Chicco Twala
who produced their debut Party.

The band split soon after the
release of Party.
Tsambo met singer/producer
Isaac Mthethwa who then
worked full swing on his debut
album. The result was
Introduction, an album that
introduced a new, vibrant and
innovative genre.

The album was recorded in
different South African ethnic
tongues like Setswana, isiZulu
and Sesotho, to name a few.
HHP appeared on the third one-
off TV special of quiz show Test
The Nation, entitled National
Parenting Test, as the Team
Captain representing fathers.
In 2007 he won the third season
of the reality dance show
Strictly Come Dancing along with
his professional dance partner
Hayley Bennet.

His hits include the smash single
from his O Mang Reloaded album
Tswaka, Jabba and Tshwara
both from YBA 2 NW, to mention
but a few.

Pantsula frequently uses the
phrase “Maf-town” in his music;
this refers to his hometown,
Mafikeng, of South Africa’s North
West province. He was honoured
in September 2007 as one of the
people from Maf-town who have
excelled in their fields in the
inaugural Maftown Golden Stars
Awards held at the Mmabana
Convention Centre.

HHP released his new album
Acceptance Speech in December
2007 and the first single is called
‘Music & Lights’. The video for
Music & Lights features a couple
of South African celebrities like
Danny K and US R&B Star Amerie
Main article: Hip Hop Pantsula


Studio albums


Maf Town

O Mang?




Remastered albums

O Mang Reloaded

Speech Re-Written

In December 2009, HHP released
his seventh studio album titled
‘Dumela’. Dumela – meaning
“Belief” and also a Setswana way
of greeting – is a double disc
album with the first disk being
Hip Hop and including popular
tracks like Let The Beat Go,
Make Monyeke, Ancestors, Kea
Popa, Daraja and his
collaboration with US Hip Hop
artist Nas on the song Keledimo.
The second disc is the Pantsula
side and has two of the singles
released Bongwana, Magenge Le
Majimbo, WamTseba Mtho and a
jazzy collabo with Jimmy Dludlu &

No 4.Morafe

was originally named The IL
Tribe (Intimate Lyrical
Tribe )
Profile – is a Hip-Hop
group that fuses
vernacular rap with a
twist of soul and
R&B.Morafe music
involves influential
messages in Setswana
and English yet largely
comprehended lingo.
Origin – Mmabato
Members -Kgaugelo ( a.k.a. Kay-
G ) Khulani ( a.k.a.
Khuli ) and Lerothodi
( a.k.a. Towdee ).

No 5. Khuli Chana

Background Info

Origin – South African born and
Mmabatho bred,

Profile – Khuli Chana is a
talented musician who practices
the skill of rhyming in vernacular
rap, Motswako.

encompasses various elements
from various musical
backgrounds. It involves street-
talk and highly influential
messages in Setswana, English;
and other South African
languages, yet largely
comprehended lingo.

Khuli Chana
brings a different flavor and
sound, not only to this type of
music but also to the Hip-Hop
scene. One of his objectives is to
encourage and inspire an
international appeal into South
African music. Khuli Chana is not
new to the music industry; in the
early 90s he formed a duet with
Kay-G called Jazzadaz, he then
joined forces with Towdee to
form the group, Morafe. Morafe
has released two albums to
date, namely Maru a pula and A
ene which was nominated for
Best Urban Pop at the 2007
South African Music Awards.

The Motswakoriginator

Is the album title of Khuli Chana ’s first
offering and was released in
2009. On this album, he brings
through a distinctive sound and
formula. The concept is about
bringing back the show; the
energy; creativity; stage; lights;
and quality performance that is
out of the ordinary. This project
is already receiving a very
positive and overwhelming
response and is already a
success with Khuli Chana working
with some of the hottest
producers in the game. He
worked with the likes of:
TowdeeMac and Kay-G of Morafe
fame; IV League; Octave Couplet
and Jazz Worx. His two singles;
Tswak Sticke’m and Sthandwa
Sam featuring Towdee are
already dominating the airwaves.
A remix of the song, No More
Hunger, has also been requested
by ActionAid South Africa to be
featured on the Hunger Free
Campaign music compilation which
features artist from around the
continent and will be distributed
to over 50 countries in Africa

Khuli Chana – is fast
becoming one of South Africa’s
hip hop elite – having previously
took home the best new comer
award at the 2009 Channel O
music awards and has just
recently scooped the award for
best song of the year for his hit
song Tswak Sticke ’m at the Hype
music awards. He is also
nominated for the best rapper
of the year for the South
African Music Awards.

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