Mixtape Tuesdayz – S.A Mixtape of the Week- Cashtime Fam_R.A.D.I.O

Cashtime Fam

Released March 4, 2013

It’s been a minute since we were
wowed by an official release from
Teargas’ spawn project, Cashtime.
Initially a conglomerate consisting of
Teargas and individual signees Ab
Crazy, Smashi and Dakid X, it seems
only the latter two remain.
In 2011, Teargas made instant stars
of Smash, X and Ab Crazy when they
formed the super group and
subsequently released the album
Now or Never from which hit singles
such as ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Standee’
emerged. After the Ab Crazy
departure, the remaining
thundercats went on to collaborate
on various songs with peers, as well as a few
unofficial internet releases.
Since then, the two have lingered in the crevices
of the industry keeping us waiting on those solo
projects that were once promised to us. One
could speculate that the release and promotion of
the Teargas album Number Number last year left
no space and/or resources for any other project
from the label. Whatever it is, we hope that the
young fellas strike while the iron is hot and make
good of the momentum gained over the past two
Last week, both members posted a link to a five
track mixtape titled R.A.D.I.O for your listening

Red Everything Movement


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