Tribute Sundayz – Shout Out To – N.W.A_ top 10 best songs

NWA was one of the most important rap groups to ever pick up microphones.

While they only put out two albums in their short time together and one with out the legendary Ice Cube they were both fantastic albums that put Gangsta Rap in the forefront of the hiphop movement. For this list I have chosen ten of what I think to be the best NWA songs that they ever made. If you start with this list you can then move on to the solo efforts of Dr. Dre, Eazy E, Ice Cube, and MC Ren.

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Straight Outta Compton- Straight Outta Compton is a classic group track by NWA and really put them on the map as artists. It is also one of the best rap songs ever made.

F*ck tha Police-

Written immediately after an incident with the police the song is full of anger and venom that touched off a firestorm of controversy when it was released.


Dopeman is probably my favorite song by NWA, it has a real old school rap sound to it.

Express Yourself-

One of their more airwave friendly singles, much more toned down then some of their songs.

Gangsta Gangsta-

Gangsta Gangsta has a really simple hook and instrumental to it but Ice Cub really gets to shine.

8 Ball-

Really great track for Eazy-E, almost sounds like Boyz N Da Hood.

Always Into Somethin’-

Song off of their second album when Ice Cube was no longer with NWA but Dr Dre and MC Ren really step on this. I’m pretty sure Dre produced this track which is why it has such a Death Row sound to it and more evolved from their debut album.

Real Ni**az Don’t Die-

The instrumental has a cool use of the guitar and this could be the best song from the second album.

Ni**az 4 Life-

The title track from that album and it starts with about a minute of people complaining about their lyrical content.

Real Ni**az-

Dr. Dre and MC Ren both go back and forth for extended verses and their really isn’t a hook on here but damn it’s good.

Red Everything Movement


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