Saturday Focus – Dj Premier _top 10

Top 10 DJ Premier Beats

1. “First Nigga” – Kool G. Rap
2. “Nas Is Like” – Nas
3. “Memory Lane” – Nas
4. “Mass Appeal” – Gang Starr
5. “Just To Get A Rep” – Gang Starr
6. “Part of My Life” – Bumpy Knuckles
7. “Skillz” – Gang Starr
8. “Who’s Gonna Take the Weight” – Gang Starr
9. “Manifest” – Gang Starr
10. “Living Proof” – Group Home

Honorable mention: “Take It Personal” – Gang Starr, “Come Clean” – Jeru Da Damaja, “New York State of Mind” – Nas, “Moment of Truth” – Gang Starr, “DWYCk” – Gang Starr featuring Nice & Smooth, “Supa Star” – Group Home, “A Jazz Thing” – Gang Starr (for the Mo’ Better Blues movie soundtrack), “One In A Million” – Jay-Z.

Red Everything Movement


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