Hip Hop Ladies Night – Artist Review – Nadia (south african)

The greatest talent  to rejuvenate South of African HipHop scene, shes more than a beauty every Lady dreams for, Shes what all females together with homies would die for(talent with looks).

She Sings,Rap, with international lyrical scheme touch, superstar content,  yes Iam talking about Nadia Nakai, with Chinoyi, Zimbabwean origins, which you pick the greatest essence in her unique untouchable sound.

She got addicted by love of HipHop at age of 16years, she didnt wait till grownup but she took her dreams to her garage and started moulding her craft with no mice, I call that investing at what you respect and love.

I personaly first saw her perform at Etv, hiphop show ShizNiz around 2010, I first thought Nicki Minaj was in SA(:-), then she started singing, while was blown away she started rapping, with her looks she made a  therapeutic feel in rap but went gangstar at the beat (hard sh*t got real) as a rapper myself was intimidated by her stage presence”No lie ,no lie”.

Now based in South Africa , Im sorry but havent heard,seen any female rapper to match her brand as Nadia Nakai, she is raising standards and building new path for females to persue music in SA, and Southern Countries to the entire continent . 

I first heard her new single for her mixtape, titled “Gotta have It”, then listened to “The future”,”Wildest dream”,”Burn it up” and “Blow”, the world better prepare for her delivery. http://twitter.com/nadia_nakai 

Red Everything Movement


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