Mzansi Wednesdayz – A trip down memory lane – Skwatta Kamp – Mkhukhu Funkshen

What ever happened to the Skwatta Kamp that we knew and loved?

Skwatta Kamp – Mkhukhu Funkshen
Hip Hop

With Mkhukhu Funkshen, the seven-man Skwatta animals bring it on like it never has been before. Mkhukhu Funkshen has 18 blazing tracks – one which is a bonus track that had to make it to the repertoire to complete the shack.

Skwatta Kamp has spent the last year and half subjecting the South African music industry to its duck-down-in-your-face type of energy that shocked many pundits and experts with submission maneuvers and freshness to hand over the coveted 2003 South African Music Award for Best Rap Album. Skwatta Kamp is now back with their third album, Mkhukhu Funkshen, a construct of songs that are hotter, phatter if not sharper than the previous offerings.

Mkhukhu Funkshen shows expansion, maturity and the self-belief that comes from being one of South Africa’s most recognizable and talented hip-hop groups. ‘Skwatta Kamp does it like nobody else can – right now we are on top of the food chain, ‘ says Bozza.

Skwatta Kamp, a metamorphosis of a number of crews, was built in the early nineties somewhere between the coordinates of the North and East Rand of Johannesburg, by the super lyrical abilities of emcees, Slick, Shugasmakx, Nish, Flabba, Bozza, Nemza and Infa, bringing a soulful collage of powerful tunes and down right edgy beats under one cover.

The 2001 debut album, ‘Skwatta Kampain’ introduced Skwatta Kamp to the then sleepy hip-hop industry with the hit single ‘The Rest Shut The F*** Up’, which went on to sit comfortably and effortlessly on the number one spot on Y-FM’s daily count down, Jamming 6@6.

Skwatta Kamp ascended to major players in 2002 with their second album, ‘Khut En Joyn’, winner of The Best Rap Album Award (South African Music Awards 9 – 2003), with a number of memorable hits.

Release Date : 29 Oct 2003

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