Trubute Sundayz – R.I.P To All The Fallen Legends – Baatin

Titus Glover (March 8, 1974–July 31, 2009), also known as Baatin, was an American rapper who emerged from the mid-1990s underground hip hop scene in Detroit, Michigan part of the rap group Slum Village.[1]

Baatin got his start on the mic in 1986. In the early ’90s, he befriended the now deceased rapper Proof (of D12), and would accompany him to hip-hop nights at Stanley’s Café and 1515 Broadway. In 1991, Baatin’s hip-hop group, Ssenepod (dopeness spelled backward), changed its name to Slum Village, which at the time, was made up of J Dilla, Baatin and T3. It was then that Glover first christened himself Scandalous-T.

He remained as an active member of the group until the early 2000s. In 2002, shortly after the release of the group’s third album, Baatin began to experience health problems, which interfered with the group’s music and touring performances. In regard to his health problems, he said:

“The confusion started verbally. I would be angry and lash out and go crazy. I was like: Do I got demons? I couldn’t control it. It was a learning experience. They said I have depression, schizophrenia with bipolar tendencies. It was bipolar when I was responding to 12 different impulses. I didn’t hurt nobody.[2]”
He soon went to the hospital and a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Following this, he was no longer part of the group. He stated that he was “kicked out while in hospital”, receiving a termination letter that was signed by both T3 and Elzhi, while in the hospital. He also held the group’s label responsible. In several interviews he stated:

“When we got off the tour with Floetry and India.Arie, I was dealing with a lot of mental issues… Not enough rest… Jet lag. I underwent physical ailment. I came home and said I wasn’t gonna do it no more. When I tried to seek some attention, they took it like I was leaving the group. I was in a coma for a day. When I came out my coma, all my stuff was out of my condo. I lost all my cars, lost everything. And I got a termination letter from the group. Me leaving the group was because of no support from the indie company, the same reason J Dilla left. Clearly, part of that is the label’s fault. Sometimes, electives that are put in charge over you can come up with ways to divide you. In my opinion, I was never respected. I never had a say.[3]”
After leaving the group, he began recording as a solo artist. During this period, he went by the name “Baatin the Slumlord.”[4] In 2008, the dispute was resolved and Baatin reunited with T3 and Elzhi, and worked on the group’s sixth album Villa Manifesto.

Baatin’s Possible Cause of Death!

Reports Hip-Hop group Slum Village is remaining resilient despite dealing with the sudden death of 35-year-old group member Titus “Baatin” Glover. Baatin was found dead on Saturday (August 1) on Anglin Street in Detroit. Police confirmed today (August 2) that the rapper’s death is not being treated as a homicide and there was no trauma found on his body. While the cause of death has not been released due to pending toxicology reports, a source close to Baatin told the rapper may have died from a crack addiction or from complications related to crack cocaine use. While funeral arrangements have not been set as of press time, a public remembrance is set to take place tonight at 5 E Gallery. Despite Baatin‘s death, Slum Village took to the stage yesterday during the Rock The Bells Festival at Deer Lake in Vancouver, Canada. “It’s actually quite amazing,” Rock The Bells founder Change Weisberg told the Calgary Sun. “I don’t know that I’d be on stage right now. I might be back home with the family, but they’re committed. It’s probably the best thing they could do right now to keep their minds off things.” Cypress Hill has been flown in to give the second Calgary Rock The Bells stop at Shaw Millennium Park a boost of positive energy, as rap fans across the world mourn Baatin’s untimely death. In addition to Cypress Hill, Nas, Damian Marley, Big Boi, The RZA, Reflection Eternal, Tech N9ne, Slaughterhouse and The Knux will perform today (August 2).

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