Tribute Sundayz – R.I.P To All The Fallen Legends – Mr Fat ( brasse vannie kaap)

Ashley Titus

Born – 28 December 1970
Bonteheuwel, South Africa
Died – 28 November 2007 (aged 36)
Cape Town, South Africa
Occupation – Rapper, musician and television presenter
Years active – 1980s–2007

Ashley Titus (28 December 1970 – 28 November 2007), better known as Mr Fat, was a South African rapper, musician and television presenter.[1]

Titus was born in Bonteheuwel, Cape Flats, South Africa. He started making hip hop in the 1980s, as well as hosting a hip hop show on Bush Radio. In the 1990s he rapped for Cape Flats-based hip hop group Brasse vannie Kaap, who won an audience that crossed both musical and racial boundaries, attracting hip hop and rock fans of various ethnic backgrounds; they were also noted for their prominent use of the Afrikaans language in their music. With BVK, he also became known for his strong community involvement, musical focus on Cape Flats issues, and attempts to reach out to youth imprisoned in local jails.[2]

In the early to mid-2000s, Titus present a magazine show simply named Hip Hop for the MK89 music channel. This focussed on the South African hip hop scene while also playing videos by international artists.


Titus was hospitalized in October 2007 with a heart complaint brought on by his weight, but was discharged after two weeks. The following month, he was rushed back into hospital with a recurrence of the illness, but died on the morning of 28 November at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa.[1] He was survived by his mother and grandmother.[2] His funeral took place on 3 December[3] at the Methodist church in Bonteheuwel.[2]

He described himself as an MC, artist and hip-hop activist.

Since the 1980’s, Mr Fat worked with many local artists until he embarked on a solo hip-hop career.

He broke into the local music market by focusing on rhyming tunes in gam taal about life in the ghetto’s, “and not on doing everything in English, like most other artists did.”

“The reality of the story is what you see is what you get,” he also stated . “People have got that notion that you must do happy music. It is our prerogative in life that you’ve got to cut out stereotypes, that’s our calling,

R.I.P to Ashley we always remember you.

Red Everything Movement


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