Hip Hop Ladies Night – Artist Review – Shout To – Godessa

Members – Eloise Jones, Bernadette Amansure, Shameema Williams

Godessa are a South African three-girl hip-hop crew from Cape Town, formed in the year 2000.



Godessa was formed in February 2000 under the auspices of Shameema Williams, a longstanding activist in the HIPHOP community in Cape Town, EJ von LYRIK whom has worked with SA 4 times DMC Champ, READY D and performed with PROPHETS OF THE CITY in Norway and Burni a notorious spoken word poet. The aim was unlike most crews: An all female crew who are not new to the culture and are lyrically as tight as their male counterparts and who are interested in utilising HIPHOP to make effective contributions and change in the communities – not just to rhyme, perform and record.

Debut single “Social Ills” was released in 2002 and got playlisted in the UK, the Czech Republic, and back home as well being made available on 12″ vinyl through Lowlands Distribution in Belgium.
Having notched up performances in locales as diverse as Johannesburg, Havana, Switzerland, France, and New Jersey, they released their first full album, “Spillage”, through their own High Voltage label in 2004

Red Everything Movement


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