Mzansi Wednesdayz – Artist Review – Reason

Reason, aka Sizwe Moeketsi, was born in Tembisa
and raised in Katlehona, Johannesburg in South
Africa. He earned his stripes participating in
shows and competitions as well as doing jingles in
2005, for the Johannesburg radio show called the
“Unrestricted Breakfast Show(YFM station). His
first album,” The Reasoning”(2010), is a classic
and one of South Africa’s best rated album in
the last couple years. After releasing “The
Reasoning” to much praise, Reason has since
gone on to work with some of South Africa’s best
rappers, singers and producers. Reason’s tracks
are creative, always hot and his lyrics really depict
vividly what he is experiencing. He is signed to
Motif Records, an independent music label with a
lot of respect for the artistically gifted, envelope-
pushing artists. Motif Records also has one of
South Africas best rappers, Tumi, as well as singer
songwriter, Ibrahim. Reason received a lot of
recognition after his debut album and I must say,
his new album, Audio3D, is phenomenal. After
gaining international accolades and praise,
Reason toured internationally. Since then,
Reason he has worked with some of South Africa’s
most respected and popular rappers such as AKA,
Proverb, Tumi, HHP, ILL Skillz, and Zubs and
Amu.Reason then partnered up with South
Africa’s ’s largest hip-hop brand Kool Out
Entertainment as the featured Emcee and host
for all Joburg’s concert events and has
performed with global artists like K’Naan and Ras

Red Everything Movement


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