Mzansi Wednesdayz – A Trip Back Memory Lane – Mizchif


Hechichamunorwa Mount Zion Kwenda (born June 23, 1976), better known as Mizchif, is a South African based Zimbabwean rapper.

Mizchif was born and raised in Highfields, Harare, Zimbabwe. He moved to Syracuse, New York at the age of 12 where he hooked up with a crew, Soul Pack, and began rapping. He moved to South Africa at 18, where he released his debut album Life from All Angles in 1999 on Eargasm Records.[1] It was well received and had classics like “Place for a Wife” and “Fashionable” which at the time got constant airplay on several TV music channels across Africa.

Mizchif presented hip hop news on Johannesburg radio station Yfm. He was also a video jockey on Nasty, a hip hop show on MNET music channel, Channel O.[2] In 2001 Mizchif teamed up with Mavusana from kwaito group Oda Meeste, for the album Summertime on Ghetto Ruff records which had the infectious hit “Summertime”.

His album Supernatural (My Return), was released in September 2003 and nominated for the Best Hip Hop Album at the 2003 South African Music Awards.[3]


“Fashionable” (1999)
“Place for a Wife feat TK” (1999)
“Summertime feat Mavusana” (2001)
“Ngiyazwa” (2001)
“Wonderful World” (2003)


Life from All Angles (1999)
Mavusana meets Mizchif (Summertime) (2001)
Supernatural (My Return) (2003)

Whatever happened to this dude?

Red Everything Movement


2 thoughts on “Mzansi Wednesdayz – A Trip Back Memory Lane – Mizchif”

    1. Thanx for the reply Zaza,very much appreciated. If u see him anytime soon. Please let him know he’s dearly missed the whole hip hop industry needs that legend back in the scene.

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