Mixtape Of The Week – Ludacris – IDGAF

The acronym of Luda’s latest mixtape, #IDGAF,
sums up the release pretty accurately. From the
beginning of the tape, it’s apparent that Ludacris
indeed does not give a fuck, particularly when it
comes to making any changes to his club-
anthem approach to making music of late. Earlier
Ludacris albums sprinkled in more personal,
sober and narrative-driven records, though these
moments have become scarce in recent years,
and on #IDGAF they’re simply nonexistent. But
despite adhering to this limited model, Ludacris
can still be engaging, due to his technical skillset
on the mic and his signature blend of humor,
vulgarity and charisma.
From the drunk and hypnotic “If I Ain’t F’d Up”
to the frenetic, Chris Brown-featuring twerk song
“Dancin Dirty,” #IDGAF’s sees Luda in his
comfort zone, stomping through the loud,
speaker-thumping production of proven
hitmakers Mike Will Made It, DJ Mustard and
Bangladesh, among others. And while he does so
naturally, none of the mixtape’s 10 tracks have
real potential to serve as a legitimate comeback
hit for the now 35-year-old rapper. Regardless,
Luda’s natural charm alongside features from the
likes of Young Jeezy, French Montana and Mac
Miller keep the project afloat.
Despite the fact that each song has essentially
the same goal in mind, the difference in
production styles prevent #IDGAF from ever
becoming too monotonous, and if it’s not taken
too seriously, it’s actually an enjoyable release.
Ultimately, it’s best if the listener take to this
project in the same mindset in which they’d go
into seeing Ludacris’ other release from last
Friday, ‘Fast and Furious 6’.-

Red Everything Movement


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