Artist Review – Amu



Amu started rapping at a tender age inspired by his father who bought him a Hip Hop album in the early eighties while living in the United States. Upon his return to Soweto where he was born, Amu found it very difficult to exercise his love for Hip Hop, being a foreign artform his friends thought it to be rubbish. But through all of this, giving up was never an option for this young man. Till this day he’s considered one of the pioneers of South African Hip Hop. Amu’s professional career started when he took part in the 1996 CUBE hip hop compilation “Tha Muthaload” , his track “Skillz” became the first single off the album and shot a music video for it.

His name went on to become a household name in local hip hop. He later went on to work on the POC, “Ghetto Code” album on the song entitled “Soundz of Murder”.

At that point in time, Amu became a name to be reckoned with, he was a subject of every hip hop cipher (a gathering of rappers competing).

Red Everything Movement


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